MLM Tough Love

images (5)Ahhh Tough Love in the business world!! Take a look in your Mirror!! I know I did! Sometimes I sit back and wonder…

Why did I use a Link rotator for my promotions.?

Well, I keep telling myself that I wanted to help my front line grow their business and in return I will grow mine. I’ve done it before and it… Ummm No, it didn’t work then either.. So why did I do it again??

I was sure that people would change. I personally sponsored people into my front lines, downline, … Continue reading

The Truth About Making Money In MLM

      Hard Truth About Making Making Money In MLM!


What does it really take to Make Money  In MLM? This is a question that many have but they rarely spend the time to seek out the truthful answer! Why, because they are afraid of the harsh reality that lies within the truth! MLM (Network Marketing) Is not a walk in the park. It is not something that you just sign up for and “give it a try”  for a month then move on! I will touch on some of these harsh truths and by the … Continue reading

Traffic Exchanges

Use Traffic Exchanges For Your Home Business

Are you currently using Traffic Exchanges to promote your home based business? If not then why? Here is another part in my series of Home Business Marketing . We’ve covered Craigslist and Safelists so far. Traffic Exchanges are another important piece of the puzzle. Very simplistic and Free. It just requires your time and effort. Does it really pay off? Well, this depends on what your expectations are. If you want one time hits … Continue reading


Use Safelists To Advertise Your Home Business

Have you heard of Safelists or are you wondering what the heck is a Safelist and why would I want to use one for my home business? On a previous post I went over how to advertise your home based business using Craigslist. I said that I would cover a few other ways to market as well. Safelists can be overwhelming at first but I will try to simplify how to use … Continue reading

10k Challenge

10k Challenge

 So…have you heard about the 10k challenge? Did you or have you read my post on challenges? This is one challenge that potentially has some big payoffs as the weeks roll on. So how is this challenge different? What does it offer that the others do not? How can you maximize the 10k challenge so that it benefits your primary business and creates a substantial income on the side without conflicting with your current schedule? How can you learn to advertise through over 1,000 … Continue reading

How To Advertise Your Home Based Business

Advertise Your Home Based Business

There are literally 1,000′s and 1,000′s of different ways to advertise your home based business. I could write post after post on the topic of marketing, promoting and advertising. I have spent hours, weeks and probably months researching the topic of advertising your home based business. You can easily get lost or caught up in all the Training, Webinars and Ebooks that are available to you.

I will only skim the surface of one of the most powerful ways of Advertising your business for free. I will list … Continue reading

Should You Use Social Media For Your Home Based Business

Social Media And Your Home Based Business

Most people don’t even ask themselves this question. “Should you use social media to advertise and grow your home based business?” They Just Assume it is the way to go. As with any type of marketing used for your home based business there are pros and cons.

You can get your information, product, service and message out to the masses within a very short period of time. Cutting your advertising time and budget down to the bare minimum. It’s a great way for … Continue reading

Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing

So you are wondering, “What is Relationship Marketing?” You hear so many terms throughout your day when it comes to marketing. Internet Marketing, Relationship  Marketing, Direct Marketing, Etc. Etc.

So why Relationship Marketing? Plain and simple, Customer/Distributor retention!! Instead of focusing on sales you focus on the Customer/Distributors needs, wants, and desires. I will refer to just the Distributor aspect of Relationship Marketing from here on out but it can be used in any aspect of your business.

Relationship Marketing Focuses on the long term Value that each … Continue reading

MLM Training

Where Do You Get Your MLM Training?

With millions of websites and blogs at your disposal, Where do you turn for your MLM Training? Thousands of books and free E-Books, webinars, magazines, online systems, etc. etc. The world of MLM Training at your fingertips. There are some great leaders out there that have been in the industry for decades that are offering free, generalized training. MLM Leaders giving back to the industry regardless of what your primary company is! Of course  most have some type of paid training or system … Continue reading

90 Day Challenge

Do You Believe In The 90 Day Challenge

90 Day Challenge, Are they helpful? Do they motivate you? Do they Challenge you to step up to the plate? Or are they a waste of your time? It all depends on you! Or does it? So many Opinions, Pros and Cons.

90 day challenge  Have you ever been part of or involved in a 90 day challenge? Are you familiar with what such a challenge is? This is not something new to internet marketing or MLM. Usually, if a company is … Continue reading