90 Day Challenge

Do You Believe In The 90 Day Challenge

90 Day Challenge, Are they helpful? Do they motivate you? Do they Challenge you to step up to the plate? Or are they a waste of your time? It all depends on you! Or does it? So many Opinions, Pros and Cons.

90 day challenge  Have you ever been part of or involved in a 90 day challenge? Are you familiar with what such a challenge is? This is not something new to internet marketing or MLM. Usually, if a company is looking for a push in sales or new recruits, or a leader is looking for an explosion in their downline due to an incentive trip or some type of incentive they will usually come up with some type of challenge. ViSalus body by Vi  is a good example. Their weight loss program/products are based off of the 90 day challenge. Can you lose “X” amount of weight in the next 90 days? PX90 is a 90 day challenge. So many different companies and leaders have done some type of 90 Day Challenge.

So What Is A 90 Day Challenge

Basically a 90 day Challenge is a commitment that you make to your Team, Leader or Industry. You will commit the time and resources necessary to basically give it your all. You usually have a partner or a reliable Coach/Mentor who will hold you responsible to doing your daily and weekly tasks.

So how is this different from a normal 90 days in the life of your business? For the most part it’s not, but if you have been in business for a period of time you have realized that you become complacent with the daily tasks at hand. A 90 day challenge tends to add a little spark. It’s a kick in the pants to get you motivated to increase your sales or recruits. You have and feel a responsibility to your 90 day blitz mentor or coach.

If you are already working to your full ability on a daily or even an hourly basis then a 90 day challenge may be a waste of time. The online meetings, conference calls and time filling out your forms could be causing you to waste valuable time that could be spent on increasing sales and your recruiting efforts.

What Is Your Opinion Of A 90 Day Challenge?

I could tell you of several different 90 day challenges that I have been apart of. Some were great and some were really not worth the time spent. Most had to do with daily activity. I have also created my own challenges and had my family hold me responsible, those were mainly weight lifting. I can say that I have learned at least 1 thing from each, which in return makes it worth the time spent. How about a Self Improvement 90 Day Challenge?

I would like to hear of different challenges that you have been in or are currently in! Were they worth your time? Did you learn at least 1 thing? Would you do it again? Is it mentally exhausting and worth it? Have you increased your sales or downline? Are you a 90 Day Challenge Freak for life? Tell us your story below in the comments!

Feel free to Friend Me on FaceBook , Send me a message and tell me about your 90 day challenge. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

All the best,

Michael Betz


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3 Responses to 90 Day Challenge

  1. Hi Michael,

    Powerful concept here. I simply decided to challenge myself daily as long as I am a cash gifting coach. 1600 blog posts and 900 videos later I am stilling going strong ;)



  2. Marty Jones says:

    I enjoyed that and will also enjoy your blog training in The Networkers Trust group on facebook, http://thenetworkerstrust.com.

    Thanks Michael!

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