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Where Do You Get Your MLM Training?

With millions of websites and blogs at your disposal, Where do you turn for your MLM Training? Thousands of books and free E-Books, webinars, magazines, online systems, etc. etc. The world of MLM Training at your fingertips. There are some great leaders out there that have been in the industry for decades that are offering free, generalized training. MLM Leaders giving back to the industry regardless of what your primary company is! Of course  most have some type of paid training or system that they are going to try to sell you at some point but the free MLM Training that you can receive is well worth the time. In the end it is your choice anyways. Don’t be so afraid to give up your Email address. A lot of the 7 day Email courses will come with valuable information. Create a separate Email account if you must.

Personal Development and MLM Training.

Do you think that industry specific training is enough? Are you just focusing on MLM specific training? I would hope not. Personal Development is a must in any industry! Becoming well rounded and working on self improvement, sales techniques, leadership skills, communication, branding, and many more areas are critical to your success!

 Where Do You Start Your MLM Training?

Your training should be treated like your business. You need to have it scheduled out on a daily basis. You must have it planned in a way that you’re not just spinning your wheels and doing “busy work” 1-2 hours of MLM training a day is required. On top of everything MLM Training else that you do to grow your business. Yes, the whole sales pitch of growing your business with just an hour a day is just that, A SALES PITCH. This is a business and must be treated like one!

Take some time and do your research and find the leaders that you wish to follow. Maybe you found 3-4 different trainers. Trainer A does a weekly webinar on Tuesday. Trainer B has a blog with a few thousand posts. Trainer C has a complete library of You Tube videos. Commit to being on that webinar every week. Commit to reading 3-5 blog posts a day, and commit to watching 1-2 you tube training videos.

That should complete your 1-2 hours a day of diversified MLM Training. Make sure that each leader that you chose to follow is training on a different topic and in different ways. This will keep your training fun and hopefully your mind open. As your business grows, so should your training. Never stop growing. I recently wrote a post about 3 leaders that I follow. “Build A Team By Following Leaders” these are only a few of the many that I follow. You may or may not like their style, but their training is unmatched.

Hopefully I have started you in the right direction of your MLM Training. I’ll leave you with one more recommendation. A true giant in this industry with years of experience. Doug Firebaugh of Passion Fire International Definitely worth your time!

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2 Responses to MLM Training

  1. Hi Michael,

    Acquire training through multiple sources. Each pro specializes in a different area. Learn from the best in their niche. Take notes. Apply what you learn immediately. Turn book smarts into street smarts. Super tips here.

    Study intently. Drill down into details. Paying attention to tiny details separates winners from failures. Log your notes, study, and practice putting your acquired knowledge into action.


    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Network Marketing Mastery – 9 Tips to Write Lead Generating HeadlinesMy Profile

  2. Hi Michael,

    Training and education are an important part of business and you have made a great point of how much time you should spend doing it.

    Some people spend all their time training and doing nothing else, we must spend as much time connecting with people and putting into practise what we are learning. Theory is great, but actually doing it and making mistakes is even better way to learn.

    Tristram Lodge
    Tristram Lodge recently posted..Magnetic Sponsoring Review – Are You Attractive?My Profile

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