Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing

So you are wondering, “What is Relationship Marketing?” You hear so many terms throughout your day when it comes to marketing. Internet Marketing, Relationship  Marketing, Direct Marketing, Etc. Etc.

So why Relationship Marketing? Plain and simple, Customer/Distributor retention!! Instead of focusing on sales you focus on the Customer/Distributors needs, wants, and desires. I will refer to just the Distributor aspect of Relationship Marketing from here on out but it can be used in any aspect of your business.

Relationship Marketing Focuses on the long term Value that each distributor will bring to your organization instead of focusing on the short term Hype, which is just basically an in your face sales pitch. Remember that no one wants to be sold, but they do want to buy. They want to buy into you and the realtionship or possible relationship that you can provide.

With technology at an all time high, this is the time to be building relationships. Facebook, Facebook Groups, Skype, 24 hour access to a phone, the list goes on and on. Their is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t build a relationship and then sponsor someone. Or after you sponsor the new distributor there is no reason why you couldn’t keep in constant contact with them.

It becomes easy to fall back into the sales pitch at any given point. This is something you should avoid at all costs. There are a few things you should avoid when trying to build a new relationship.

  • Focusing on recruiting at a fast rate by yourself.
  • Adding Hype to your business or personal achievements.
  • Emailing your new distributors and not calling them.
  • Assuming everyone is the same and has the same needs.

 You must always remember that each new or potential distributor has different wants, needs, and desires. You will never figure out what they are if you don’t spend the time creating the relationship that is required. 

So how do you do this and the hundred other things that are required to build your business? You are but 1 person! You only have 24 hours in your day! You have a family, School activities, maybe even a second job!! You need to market and then build the relationship with your new prospect. You could easily spend an entire day just talking with 1 or 2 people.

Remember this is a business. Just like any business it is still a numbers game. You can cut down on the number of people that you need to talk to in order to sponsor a new distributor buy practicing some relationship Marketing techniques, But you will still need to focus on your marketing efforts.

So how do you become the superman or woman of marketing, qualifying, calling, training, welcoming, retaining, & becoming an all around Relationship Marketing Professional?

How about a group of Entrepreneurs who are skilled in all aspects of Marketing, including Relationship Marketing. A group of people who are building relationships by reaching out and calling new distributors regardless of direct sponsorship. A group dedicated to not only their success but your success as well.

I know, I know, you’ve heard this all before There are multiple groups out there. I have several different groups of leaders that I believe in and believe they will do great things.

So I challenge you, Starting right NOW to see what I am talking about. I challenge you to create at least 100-200 new relationships in the next 2 weeks. Pure dedication to Relationship Marketing.

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All the best,

Michael Betz


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One Response to Relationship Marketing

  1. Hi Michael,

    Super insight!

    Relationships form the foundation of business success. You prosper by meeting new people daily.

    Make an impact. Use names in social interactions. Help. Assist. Support.

    The goal is to become memorable. Be a friend to become a friend. Simple, really.

    Take a deep breath. Slow down. Make a connection. The more connections with like-minded folks the more both parties prosper.

    Thanks Michael!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Cash Gifting Mastery – 3 Tips to Attract High Energy GiftersMy Profile

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