Use Safelists To Advertise Your Home Business

Have you heard of Safelists or are you wondering what the heck is a Safelist and why would I want to use one for my home business? On a previous post I went over how to advertise your home based business using Craigslist. I said that I would cover a few other ways to market as well. Safelists can be overwhelming at first but I will try to simplify how to use them to maximize your efforts.

A Safelist is basically an Email exchange program where you opt. in to receive hundreds if not thousands of Emails a day (depending on how many you join) in exchange you are allowed to email a few thousand members a day, per Safelist that you have joined. These Emails go to other members that have opted in to receive them. As a member of the Safelist you receive credit for each Email that you review. (usually 10-20 seconds are required) These credits can be used to send out other Emails or post Banners or Text links etc.

 A Safelist Is Like Traffic Exchange

Your just exchanging Emails instead of website traffic. I’ll talk more about T.E.’s (Traffic Exchanges) in a later post. With a Safelist you can create an Email then direct your readers to your website, blog, capture page or wherever you would like. Most of the other members of these Safelists are Network Marketers, so if you’re promoting affiliate products that are targeted towards Network Marketers you have a huge market reading your offers. If you’re looking for a Home Based Business then you can read through the many offers that are available to you.

 How To Setup A Safelist

I will just scratch the surface here and give you a general overview. In the beginning it will take you a little while to get everything setup and running. Once you have it all setup then the fun starts.

  1. You will need to set up 2 different Gmail accounts. Gmail is the most popular with the Safelists and most actually require using Gmail. 1 account is for the Contact Email and the other account is for the List Email. Your contact Email will be used for correspondence and a few Solo Ads, which reward you with higher credits for reading. Your List Email will be receiving the bulk of the Emails. You will receive less credit for these but twice as many Emails.
  2. Start joining Safelists. You can do a Google search for them. Once you find one or two then you should have access to many others. You will have to confirm both Emails after signing up to a Safelist so make sure to have your Emails open and ready.
  3. Most Safelists offer Promo Codes which allow you to start out with a lot of credits from the start. Some are searchable through Google and some actually have them listed on their site. Make sure you find these codes they are free advertising for you.
  4. Decide what you are promoting. Write up a Subject and the body for your Email. Get creative and remember that your Email will be one of a thousand that others will see. Catch them with the subject line then draw them in with the body of your Email.
  5. Get familiar with your Safelists and what they have to offer as far as advertising goes. Learn to navigate their site with ease. Solo Ads are highly visible compared to credit mailers but may require an investment or many credits.
  6. Start your campaign by copying and pasting your Email into the mailers system. At the bottom it will ask you how many credits you want to use. Most Safelists will only allow you to mail a certain amount of Emails per day. 5,ooo-10,000 roughly but with multiply Safelists you could easily send out 100,000 Emails per day.
  7. Make sure you are checking and clicking on Emails that you receive in your Gmail to keep your credits high. The more you click the more you can send week after week.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat…You know what I mean. Keep clicking and keep sending day after day. Make sure you are tracking your stats with a URL tracker or whatever you may be using.

 That’s it in a nutshell. Simple, Easy, Free and never-ending. Like I said this is the basic overview of how to use Safelists. For a more In Depth explanation and comprehensive FREE training I would recommend visiting The 10k Challenge. This is the training that I have used as well as having access to hundreds of Safelists all in one place. You may even make a little money on the side. 

 Hopefully this has helped with your advertising efforts. Make sure to track and adjust all your efforts to see what works best and what doesn’t work. It’s very import to do especially when using Safelists. Feel free to Friend Me on Facebook. 

All the best,

Michael Betz



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