Should You Use Social Media For Your Home Based Business

Social Media And Your Home Based Business

Most people don’t even ask themselves this question. “Should you use social media to advertise and grow your home based business?” They Just Assume it is the way to go. As with any type of marketing used for your home based business there are pros and cons.

You can get your information, product, service and message out to the masses within a very short period of time. Cutting your advertising time and budget down to the bare minimum. It’s a great way for new people and seasoned veterans to create a following and getting your message about your home based business to go viral.

Most social platforms are FREE. How do you go wrong with free services that allow you to connect with so many in such a short period of time. The money you save using social media as a way to promote your home based business can help someone just getting started in the MLM industry succeed! No longer do you need to spend hundreds of dollars spreading the word.

 Social Media Is Changing The Home Based Business Arena

As with any type of marketing you may use, THINGS CHANGE. You may have or are currently putting all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Are you relying on social media 100 % to promote your home based business?

It may seem that Facebook and Twitter are here to stay. (My Space is almost never talked about now.) So maybe they are, maybe not. Things change so quickly that you may just be spinning your wheels relying on one method  of promotion. My advice, Stay diversified in your home based business promotions.

There are SO MANY different social media platforms out there today with more popping up everyday. How do you keep up with whats HIP? How do you know what everyone in your demographics is using? How do you find the time to master and test all the different ways of using each platform to your advantage when advertising your home based business?

Social Media Overload In Your Home Based Business

You could join a few hundred Facebook groups and then follow what everyone else is posting to see what is new and working. You could join hundreds of safe lists and click on each ad. You could do what I’m doing now, which is evaluating several different leaders which are positioned in different groups. I’m working on narrowing it down to 2-3 at the moment. Social media is an ever changing beast!

Stay tuned and/or help me in my search to narrow this down. You can Friend Me on Facebook and Like My Page to follow anything new. If you found anything useful please socialize by sharing and liking.

I look forward to your input. Feel free to comment below and follow my blog at the bottom right side. Wishing you luck in your home based business and your social media marketing efforts!

All the Best,

Michael Betz



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2 Responses to Should You Use Social Media For Your Home Based Business

  1. michelle grote says:

    I am not sure what you mean by having several differeny leaders in different groups that you are watching. Thankyou Michael. Great stuff for a newbie like myself. I love reading your information. I feel like I’m back in school. You are a wise and wonderful leader and an amazing sponsor.

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