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Use Traffic Exchanges For Your Home Business

Are you currently using Traffic Exchanges to promote your home based business? If not then why? Here is another part in my series of Home Business Marketing . We’ve covered Craigslist and Safelists so far. Traffic Exchanges are another important piece of the puzzle. Very simplistic and Free. It just requires your time and effort. Does it really pay off? Well, this depends on what your expectations are. If you want one time hits to your blog or landing page, then I would suggest you use something that catches the eye of your surfers within seconds of them viewing.

Basics of Traffic Exchange

In one sentence….. You click and view, in exchange, others click and view.  A little to basic? Yes but this summarizes the basis of a Traffic Exchange. The idea is you log in to “so called traffic exchange” You agree to view an ad for 15-45 seconds, in return you are guaranteed 1 visitor to whatever link or splash page you wish. Each traffic exchange has different offers giving you a 1:1 click rate for 20 seconds or maybe a 2:1 for 15 seconds. the 20 second option is usually the best. You view an ad for 20 seconds and you get rewarded with your ad being displayed. The 15 second option means you have to view 2 15 second ads in order to get 1 visitor to your link. Are you still with me??? I do tend to ramble at times……

You can use multiple links and have the credits distributed to them how you choose. I would suggest starting with one traffic exchange, get used to how they work and the extra benefits they offer as far as banner credits and text ads. Once you feel comfortable with it then sign up for 4-5 different exchanges and you can then surf all 4 or 5 at the same time to increase the traffic to your own links.

I started with Easy Hits  and have done well with them. You have several different options  to advertise and get your link out there. That’s pretty much it. Tedious but has the potential for some leads. Most are already in Network Marketing as it is.

Hopefully this has helped a little in your Traffic Exchange quest. Leave a comment below with any other suggestions or ideas. Feel free to Friend Me on Facebook and like my page.

All the best

Michael Betz.

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